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Regardless of where you have found yourself today, you have an opportunity to engage more purposely in your relationships, in conversations, in your self-reflection, and in your craft. If we do not create who we are, then we will always live parallel to who we want to be. You must consider your future-self today, otherwise your today won’t be what you want it to be in the future.

In therapy we check in to where you are at today with the things in your life, as they come to mind in the present moment. The here-and-now experience is a central focus and is part of the therapeutic process. I provide therapy around the reasons for what makes you feel in-between where you were and where you are today, and where you imagine you may be, in relation to where you are not yet. We will co-create space for finding ways to embrace ambiguity and recognize that we are always becoming.

We mustn’t forget to make time for what is most meaningful to us; our sense of purpose in the world.

“Courage consists not of the absence of fear and anxiety but of the capacity to move ahead even though one is afraid.”
— Rollo May, The Meaning of Anxiety



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