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You can email or call me directly to schedule a consultation call, to schedule a session, to inquiry about services, or anything else that is relevant to the nature of my work.

For safety and security, I ask that if you call or email me that you provide your name, best form of contact information, and a brief message describing the nature of your inquiry. If you call and do not leave a message, I will not return the call.

I will always return your message within 24-48 hours.

Due to the nature of my work there may be times where you receive communication from me outside of normal standard business hours. I see clients face-to-face 12:00pm-8:00pm Monday through Thursday.

What should I expect in our free of charge 20-minute phone consultation?

During this call we briefly discuss the nature and reasons for what brings you to therapy now; at this point in your life. We make sure to leave space and time for any questions you may have regarding the nature of our work together, what therapy is, my therapeutic approach, and anything else you would like for me to know. This gives us the chance to see if we are good fit, and if not then I will always offer potential referrals for other therapists that may be more of what you’re looking for within the following weeks’ time. The goal is to make sure you’re in the right place, and on track to becoming your best self and living your curiosity to your fullest potential.

Current Quarterly Schedule-

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday- Individual and Couples sessions available (12pm-8pm)

I am currently accepting clients

All week- Free 20 minute consultation calls available. **Please feel free to email me and we will find a time and day that works best.

Live a meaning-filled life, on purpose

1326 5th Ave, Suite 450
Seattle, WA 98101

1326 5th Ave, Suite 450
Seattle, WA 98101
(206) 972-6249

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