I feel that my suffering is necessary in order to produce my art. If I come to therapy for the things that cause me to suffer will it prevent me from creating my best work?

Suffering is part of life; it is when it becomes a consistent distress within your day-to-day experience causing you not to work on the things that are most meaningful. Working through the things that clutter your mind that prevent you from living your most creative life will give you the clarity needed to put your ideas into fruition. When you no longer consume yourself with negative inner dialect you can give yourself the space you need in order to create your best work.

What are some ways that therapy may help me out of a creative block?

Creative blocks are part of the creative process; these ruts are often felt as despair, helplessness, and self-doubt; often this is when people begin to question their own purpose, meaning, and direction in life. When we no longer incorporate our passions into our day-to-day experiences we begin to feel as though we have lost a part of ourselves.

It is with courage and within vulnerability our authentic raw truths reveal themselves; what you are most passionate about unveils itself. By bringing attention to your everyday life and the felt experience at hand we unravel all the parts that contribute to your current situatedness. In this we uncover meaningful passages within dialogue that never go unheard; this experience held within the therapeutic encounter elicits insight, illuminates new ideas, ignites self-realization, and leads to moments of self-discovery. It is in the very talk of the thing that brings out the matter of things.


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