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“Forces beyond your control can take away everything you possess except one thing, your freedom to choose how you will respond to the situation.”
— Victor Frankl

Central Purpose Therapy is a private practice located in the heart of Seattle, Washington; owned and operated by Victoria Wantuck. Central Purpose Therapy offers professional psychotherapy to both adults and adolescents (ages 12+) across all constellations of diagnoses, but primarily works with people who experience anxiety and depression; as well as life transitions, change, grief and loss, lack of motivation and productivity, creative blocks/ruts, conflict in interpersonal and work relationships, finding meaning and purpose in life, and living life to one’s full potential.

Our approach is grounded in an existential and humanistic foundation. This means that therapy is tailored to who you are as a unique individual, and the context in which you live and experience your everyday life is sought for deeper understanding. Instead of defining you by your diagnosis and operating from an already orchestrated therapeutic model, the frame is created around your unique individual needs as they are expressed and revealed in dialogue.

As a primary focus we offer therapy services to those who identify as a creative person, such as: writers, musicians, artists, sculptors, actors & actresses, comedians, thinkers, students, life-long-learners, entrepreneurs, working professionals, and or anyone who wants to tap into their inner reservoir of creativity that is innate in us all. Often creatives who find themselves in a segment of time where they aren’t creating leaves them to question their sense-of-self, purpose, and meaning in life. Therapy helps elicit imagination, re-cultivate creative agency, embrace ambiguity, welcome anxiety, gain control of your life, and shift your focus in pursuit of becoming your best self.

However, you don’t have to identify as a creative person to receive therapy services.

We incorporate journaling, poetry, and focusing into therapy. This elicits deeper understanding of oneself, empowers one’s voice, heightens one’s level of awareness. Allowing one to become more present in the here-and-now, process lived experience, and cultivate a deeper connection between one’s mind and body.



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