Group Therapy

Group Therapy: Existential Dialogues

This group will meet to discuss existential concerns most if not all human beings grapple with, such as:

What is the meaning of life?

What is the meaning and purpose of human existence?

How can we contribute to the greater good of humanity while also cultivating meaning and purpose in our own lives authentically?

How do we come to terms with not knowing while living in a world full of uncertainty?

How do we find meaning in a world that often feels meaningless?

How does one live in the present moment while living toward an open future?

How do we utilize our anxiety as a message that calls upon our agency to respond to the core of who we are?

Why does despair settle within us when we hinder our potential for future possibilities?

In this we will co-create a space that confronts the complexities of being human as it presents itself within the interiority of our everyday lived experience. We will explore the finite quality of human life and the motivation to become infinite. We will address our fundamental separateness from others and the feeling of emptiness and loneliness that comes with wanting to be in relationship with the world.

This group will help create a deeper understanding for who we are, develop a greater capacity for embracing ambiguity, and foster presence as a grounding element within the inevitable chaos we experience in living life.

A few days prior to each group session you will receive an email from me providing you with philosophical literature or poetry that is relevant to the nature of our specific content discussed in our dialogues. This will help provide insight into existential inquiry as it presents itself within the lived experience of being human. We will carve out space and time during each dialogue to expand upon the thoughts and questions derived from the short reading. These readings serve as a supplement in our existential dialogues and become a departure for further inquiry.

Each session will be 2 hours. Each session is $60 and will meet for a duration of 8 weeks. Each group will consist of 6-8 people to ensure everyone has the space and time to explore their human beingness in dialogue with others.

Group start date: Now accepting enrollment for February 2020.

Fee: $60


Group Therapy for those living along the cycles of their creative process

This group is for those who are experiencing or have experienced a creative rut across one’s life-span; this will be a place to express the creative process as it pertains to each person, the obstacles preventing you from creating, your identity with your craft, and the feelings of despair, loneliness, failure, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, loss of identity, and sense of purpose that often parallels this experience in a creative life.

In this the group will co-create shared meaning and understanding for the creative process; as it pertains to you as an individual, but also shed light on the universal qualities we undergo as human beings in the world as a creator. This group will help you to re-cultivate creative agency, deepen self-understanding, and enhance the quality of your relationships with others.

To be creative is to dabble in the uncertainties you have discovered.

Each session will be 2 hours. Each session is $60 and will meet for a duration of 8 weeks. Each group will consist of 6-8 people to ensure everyone has the space and time to explore their creative process as individuals in relation to others through dialogue.

Group start date: Now accepting enrollment for February 2020.
Time: 6pm-8pm
Fee: $60

More groups coming in the future horizon:

  • Mending connections through relationship: Inspired and influenced through the studies of Irvin Yalom.
  • Focusing- a somatic technique for becoming more intune with how you feel and where it is felt in the body, derived from the studies of Eugene Gendlin.
  • Poetry as a means of healing for both teens and adults inspired from the work of Richard Gold’s Pongo Poetry Methodology.

All inquires regarding therapy, interests in the group, enrollment in the group, joining the wait-list for the next group; please contact Victoria Wantuck via phone, email, or through the question box. You could also schedule a consult call with her if you are interested in individual, group, or couples therapy through the secure online portal.


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