Group Therapy

Group Therapy for those living along the cycles of their creative process

To be creative is to dabble in the uncertainties you have discovered.

This group is for those who are experiencing or have experienced a creative rut across one’s life-span; this will be a place to express the creative process as it pertains to each person, the obstacles preventing you from creating, your identity with your craft, and the feelings of despair, loneliness, failure, self-doubt, anxiety, depression, loss of identity, and sense of purpose that often parallels this experience in a creative life. In this the group will co-create shared meaning and understanding for the creative process; as it pertains to you as an individual, but also shed light on the universal qualities we undergo as human beings in the world as a creator. This group will help you to re-cultivate creative agency, deepen self-understanding, and enhance the quality of your relationships with others.


Currently accepting new clients who would like to join a wait-list for the next group. 

Rate: $40-80 per meeting, Group will meet once per week for 6 weeks, for 1.5 hours. 

All inquires regarding therapy, interests in the group, enrollment in the group, joining the wait-list for the next group; please contact Victoria Wantuck via phone, email, or through the question box. You could also schedule a consult call with her if you are interested in individual, group, or couples therapy through the secure online portal.


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